Wednesday, 19 November 2014

You have more time than you think, don't waste it.

Just a few of my favourite pics from Tumblr recently. This is my mornings at present (in dream world of course) Frosty mornings, downing expresso, cinnamon buns and large beds with lots of duvet. 

Nan is back in hospital again and has been in there since Monday last week. In a way it's nice not having her here and worrying about her, but at the same time we've got so use to having her here that it's odd. Especially as we only lost Gramps a month or so ago. And before you wonder what I mean by lost, he passed away. Just incase you thought he was wondering around the streets in his wheel chair causing havoc. HAHA something he would definitely have done!

We all have regrets in life. Mine is that I wasn't able to take him to see the sea one last time. He always would mention it when I did his shopping every Thursday. Gramps wasn't a get up and go person, he had to have everything planned, unfortunately we just didn't get round to planning that trip.

Time is always something that we never seem to have enough of. Since gramps passing, this is something that I've really struggled with. Time, guilt and how to get on with life. As life does go on. The day before he passed I was showing a journalist around our home town, and the day after his funeral I was filming for a dentist. And that's the way life goes. But it's night that I'm the worse, or I  go in to their bit of the house we had specially built and try to visualise him in his bed, reading the newspaper. I just stand there staring at this empty space, hoping that a sort of hologram of him would flash in front of me. Sounds ridiculous.

Anyway at least with Gramps because of the type of person he was I know that he would just want us to get on with life, and that he would say "come on Rhiannon don't make a fuss and get on with it" And even though I didn't take him to the sea, when I'm feeling up to it I will make time to take a trip down there and have a few moments. We all must make sure no matter how hectic our lives may seem, that we take the time to do the small things that matter the most.

You have more time than you think, don't waste it.


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