Wednesday, 19 November 2014

You have more time than you think, don't waste it.

Just a few of my favourite pics from Tumblr recently. This is my mornings at present (in dream world of course) Frosty mornings, downing expresso, cinnamon buns and large beds with lots of duvet. 

Nan is back in hospital again and has been in there since Monday last week. In a way it's nice not having her here and worrying about her, but at the same time we've got so use to having her here that it's odd. Especially as we only lost Gramps a month or so ago. And before you wonder what I mean by lost, he passed away. Just incase you thought he was wondering around the streets in his wheel chair causing havoc. HAHA something he would definitely have done!

We all have regrets in life. Mine is that I wasn't able to take him to see the sea one last time. He always would mention it when I did his shopping every Thursday. Gramps wasn't a get up and go person, he had to have everything planned, unfortunately we just didn't get round to planning that trip.

Time is always something that we never seem to have enough of. Since gramps passing, this is something that I've really struggled with. Time, guilt and how to get on with life. As life does go on. The day before he passed I was showing a journalist around our home town, and the day after his funeral I was filming for a dentist. And that's the way life goes. But it's night that I'm the worse, or I  go in to their bit of the house we had specially built and try to visualise him in his bed, reading the newspaper. I just stand there staring at this empty space, hoping that a sort of hologram of him would flash in front of me. Sounds ridiculous.

Anyway at least with Gramps because of the type of person he was I know that he would just want us to get on with life, and that he would say "come on Rhiannon don't make a fuss and get on with it" And even though I didn't take him to the sea, when I'm feeling up to it I will make time to take a trip down there and have a few moments. We all must make sure no matter how hectic our lives may seem, that we take the time to do the small things that matter the most.

You have more time than you think, don't waste it.


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

5 Tips to be more positive

What a miserable looking Tuesday morning it is out there. The past few days I've been working out on site with the boyfriend; painting, making kitchens, and as of yesterday a huge set of wardrobes which I've got major envy for. It's been wet and cold however a new sense of positivity has been washed upon me.

I'm attempting to kick my bad habit of always being negative about certain things (working over time, sat in the van for hours on end, getting cold and wet in the rain, straining my back while painting and lifting heavy things, getting up late) I could go on.

So I have forced myself to be positive. Yes, sometimes you have to do this in life. In fact if more people would do it, it makes a big difference on your life and others around you. I have a five little tips to help you be more positive in life, and if you have any good one's I'd love to hear about them so leave them in the comments below. I'll pick my favourites and tweet them later today :)

  1. Sing Happy Songs
  2. Breatheeeeee 
  3. Smile at strangers and in real times of need force one to yourself
  4. Wash your hair / Wash - See it as cleansing the body of all the negativity
  5. Make a list of things you want to complete that day, and do at least one!

Love Love Love


Thursday, 6 November 2014

My Winter Staples

So the cold weather is finally here. I have mixed thoughts. Firstly I can finally wear giant jumpers again which cleverly disguises my ever growing food baby bump and secondly this then means I can eat more...

WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?! I love cold weather!! Autumn/Winter are my favourite seasons for fashion, what with all the layering and beautiful snuggly clothes. It is totally acceptable to basically wear a blanket out in public. This coat on the top left is just gorgeous, I think the right person could pull it off. I would probably look like a giant snowball to be fair but someone else would prob look awesome in it.. And then I'd nick it off them and wear it all day. The far right image is more me for an everyday look, layers and more layers. And then topped off with a extra large shaggy scarf.

What look would you pull off?

Love Love Love

Monday, 3 November 2014

Loving me, Loving you

It's Monday evening. Thank goodness for that! Always a great feeling when Monday has been and gone right? Here are a couple of pictures from my Instagram account come follow me? @thebeautyexplorer I usually post daily over there with lots of my favourite fashion pieces and interior design ideas. I love following new people too, so help me out and I'll help you! Anyone that follows, shares or comments on my blog with get a follow from me. Tell me a bit about yourself and your blog and I'll come check you out.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week and I'll be blogging over here and also get some Youtube videos out of some Autumnal Fall look books/ tutorials.

Love Love Love

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Not a quiet Sunday

How great is that Stain Log idea? I am so creating one of these on a slow, quiet sunday morning. Sadly today is not that day. Woke up and nan had, had a fall this morning. May have broken her wrist... just waiting on an ambulance now. She's 91, and Gramps only passed away 3 weeks ago. You know when bad things just keep happening one after the other? That's what seems to be happening recently. Anyway so that's just another thing to deal with. In the mean time I'm attempting to get myself sorted out. I have some Christmas temp work lined up for December, and hopefully then re-starting my Youtube Channel which is over here Ambulance just pulling up now. I'm in my rabbit pyjamas and seriously need a shower..... Oh what a mess life be.

Love Love Love

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Autumn Mornings

"It’s kinda sad because you could break my heart into a million pieces and I would still pick every little piece up and hand them back to you."

Hello Saturday morning birds. Today I woke up earlier than anyone in my house and made myself a cup of coffee. I forgot how much I loved mornings. Especially by myself mornings. Sometimes you can be surrounded by too many people a lot of the time and it's important to just have a few hours by yourself. Well then again I'm not alone, Luna is here with me glaring at the gardener outside the patio doors. I think I'll have a spot of breakfast and take her out in a bit. I curled my hair for the first time in yonks yesterday and I've sort of woken up with a birds nest on my head, but I kind of like it. I'm talking a lot about birds today? Anyway happy Saturday.

Love Love Love

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