Sunday, 2 November 2014

Not a quiet Sunday

How great is that Stain Log idea? I am so creating one of these on a slow, quiet sunday morning. Sadly today is not that day. Woke up and nan had, had a fall this morning. May have broken her wrist... just waiting on an ambulance now. She's 91, and Gramps only passed away 3 weeks ago. You know when bad things just keep happening one after the other? That's what seems to be happening recently. Anyway so that's just another thing to deal with. In the mean time I'm attempting to get myself sorted out. I have some Christmas temp work lined up for December, and hopefully then re-starting my Youtube Channel which is over here Ambulance just pulling up now. I'm in my rabbit pyjamas and seriously need a shower..... Oh what a mess life be.

Love Love Love

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