Thursday, 6 November 2014

My Winter Staples

So the cold weather is finally here. I have mixed thoughts. Firstly I can finally wear giant jumpers again which cleverly disguises my ever growing food baby bump and secondly this then means I can eat more...

WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?! I love cold weather!! Autumn/Winter are my favourite seasons for fashion, what with all the layering and beautiful snuggly clothes. It is totally acceptable to basically wear a blanket out in public. This coat on the top left is just gorgeous, I think the right person could pull it off. I would probably look like a giant snowball to be fair but someone else would prob look awesome in it.. And then I'd nick it off them and wear it all day. The far right image is more me for an everyday look, layers and more layers. And then topped off with a extra large shaggy scarf.

What look would you pull off?

Love Love Love

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