Saturday, 1 November 2014

Autumn Mornings

"It’s kinda sad because you could break my heart into a million pieces and I would still pick every little piece up and hand them back to you."

Hello Saturday morning birds. Today I woke up earlier than anyone in my house and made myself a cup of coffee. I forgot how much I loved mornings. Especially by myself mornings. Sometimes you can be surrounded by too many people a lot of the time and it's important to just have a few hours by yourself. Well then again I'm not alone, Luna is here with me glaring at the gardener outside the patio doors. I think I'll have a spot of breakfast and take her out in a bit. I curled my hair for the first time in yonks yesterday and I've sort of woken up with a birds nest on my head, but I kind of like it. I'm talking a lot about birds today? Anyway happy Saturday.

Love Love Love


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