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Estee Lauder Favourites

What with setting up a new business, no holiday booked, brain pain which is now leading to an MRI scan. It's safe to say I've been pretty stressed recently and needed something to cheer me up. 

All this stress is clearly visible on my tired and worn out face, all the spots, dry patches and redness were just getting out of control.

I have been neglecting my face recently, I know I have. So I've only got myself to blame, I am a spot picker when I'm stressed you see. Yes disgusting and shameful as it is, but I can't stand them and mentally I'm like "get that horrible thing off of my face" it's my only bad habit... I swear 😝

So when running up the high street this morning to pick up some router adapter (woodwork slang there).. I passed Beales and caught my reflection in the shop window which was just... Buergh. Next thing I knew I was at the counter purchasing these two lovelies for a not so lovely price of £95 quid or something like that. 

Both of these products are a dream team, but if I was to recommend one of them? The serum is awesome. It's one of those products that you can see the difference straight away. I'm going to be using it night and day as my skin really needs it. It soaks in straight away, feel luxurious and instantly hydrates. The moisturier is great too! Silky, almost like a gel. It doesn't leave any residue or stickyness to the skin. Just makes it nice and smooth and feels plumper.

Just what I need. 


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

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