Monday, 29 June 2015

Breakfast in a cup

This is one of my favourite go to breakfasts for Summer. Quick, easy and pack full of what you need in the morning. Three simple ingredients; Chocolate protein powder, a handful of strawberries and almond milk. 

Protein is always one that I struggle to get in, in the morning unless I'm having eggs and salmon or something.. But thats quiet expensive and even though there are ways to get your protein in the mornings, most of the time I'm still have asleep and need something quick and that's why I use protein shakes. 

I've used protein shakes for years now, and only recently has it become the sort of 'it' thing to do. My advice is whatever protein shake you decide to buy, always read the label on ingredients. 

I love strawberries in the summer too! :) So I always try to incorporate these in to my diet this time of year. And almond milk is great for low calories, but again if you wanted more protein then cows milk is the way to go!

What do you have for breakfast? I'm always intrigued by this and it gives me ideas for other days. So let me knoww and help a gurl out yeah? Love xxx 

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