Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Sunrise sunshine

This morning (4am to be exact) I was on top of a hill in the lovely village of Corton Denham trying to catch a sunrise. I'm making a video for one of my favourite pubs The Queens Arms, and ideally they wanted the sun rising over the pub, but unfortantely the sun had other ideas and was set the other side of the hill. Anyway besides this I was able to get the shots I wanted.

We were then out on site a couple hour later (after taking lots of allergy relief tablets and putting a shit load of eye drops in) - I suffer from hayfever! We were able to basically complete our latest Kitchen job. Just magnet catches and handles left. Soooo glad this one is finished! It took a lot longer than planned but it looks great.

Anyway we're finishing the day off in style with me writing this blogpost, bbq lit and sausages and burgers are cooking perfectly. Hope you're enjoy this lovely English weather we're having and speak tomorrow :) xxx

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