Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Wear your jeans tight and your tshirt baggy

I've just returned from a couple of days at Loughbrough University after celebrating my younger brother's graduation. Totally knackered as it was a four hour drive. Feeling blucky down to too much coffee, sugary sweets, salty chips and burgers. But it was fun :) and I'm so so proud of him. This post I just wanted to list some light hearted things that I think is useful advice or just random thoughts. enjoy xx

Don't pluck your eyebrows. (just the annoying middle part)
If you're going to be blonde, commit to it. None of this bronde stuff. 
Wear your jeans tights and your tshirts baggy. 
When your jeans get too tight do a 'cleanse' - this isn't weight loss you will loose water weight and feel less bloated and therefore happier to try loosing a few extra pounds.
When someone tells you 'the world is your oyster'...... 
Thanks... that still doesn't tell me what I want to do with my life.
Unless you are lucky you will know what you want to do in life. Fact.
Don't buy crap to make yourself feel good. Whether that's food or just too many materialistic things. Try to downsize and be minimal, it's better.
Make something. A kitchen, a house, a letter, a piece of jewellery, a cake. It's great for your mind and gives you a sense of achievement. 
Keep fit. But do it in a way that interests you. Not a runner? That's fine I'm not either, so don't do it. Find something that you enjoy and start with that.
Look after your skin. 
Drink water, but also go and enjoy a coffee that you love and hey have a drink with alcohol in. Just not every day. 
Enjoy a great meal. Commonly known as 'the cheat meal' Though it's important to eat right and look after yourself, it's also important not to be so serious all the time. Enjoy food that you love, just not every day. 
Don't spend money if you don't have money. Yes the overdraft of dreams, but when you suddenly start getting little charges because you can't get out of it... it can lead to you feeling like a failure. Don't do it and if you're having trouble go speak to your bank, or a money advisor. Or even better YOUR MUM. 
Work hard. We would all like to be a proffessionaly bum, that had money from doing nothing and spending it willy nilly. But we can't. But take pride in this. Not working will make you feel weak, lazy and eventually depressed. Go get a job, one with people. Don't get locked in at home... talking to the cat for comfort. It's important to be around people, even more so in this digital world. Go have an adventure.


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