Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday's calling

Afternoon blog lovers,

This Sunday has been full of laziness. I've organised the bins (hooray) blogged (as you've gathered) and having a snooze with the boy. I always find Sunday's a day where I usually reflect on a lot on things. 

I visited nan, she's now living in a home just down the road from us which is really handy. It'll take a while for her to settle in I know, but it was nice to hold her hand and say hi. Ever since Gramps went I feel as though we have a connection, that she remembers how much I helped them when they were in her bungalow. She welled up a little bit, she just wants to go to sleep and never wake up. Her own words. Which was hard to hear, but I understand her heart ache and well sometimes we out live our bodies. Old age is very sad.

I hope your Sunday has gone well though, moving on from depressive talk!! My younger brother is in France snowboarding which is where I will be this time next month. So excited :) can't wait!

Hope you're enjoying the outfit posts on the blog and my Instagram :) hi to any new followers and speak soon!



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