Sunday, 11 January 2015

Chapter Two - 2015

Hi gang! It's a lazy Sunday here in the house of Rhiannon. Yesterday I bought myself a new webcam so I can hopefully record some better quality chatty vlogs for you all over on my Youtube channel. I'm currently lying on the sofa with Luna watching Disney's Aladdin, a bit of Instagram and getting some new inspiration for my jewellery range. 

Went in to hospital to visit nan today, but she was all snuggly and sleepy so we thought we'd say a quick hello and then leave her to rest. Mum was really nice to her and just stroked her hair. I think she's finding it all a bit thought provoking but being super strong as always. She's currently preparing her famous cauliflower cheese. I'll most likely lick the pan out where she makes the cheese sauce.... So delicious mmmmmm. Yeah diet will start soon?

I'll leave it there. Speak soon lovely people! What do you do on Sunday's? Anyone else watching Aladdin?


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