Sunday, 1 March 2015

Marching March

I can't believe today is the 01.03.2015 ?!  But it is. I've had a bit of a hectic February and I'm currently writing to you from the comfort of a sofa in the French Alps. Unfortunately for me however the first day being out here I've caught a nasty cold. I'm beating it off though with lots of anadin, strepsils and good old fashioned tea.

Oh hey guess what? I'm 25! Yes I turned 25 on the 19.02.2015 and Jamie took me to London while Fashion week was on. Oh how I do love London and I intend to hopefully get a bit more involved next Fashion week.

But for now I'm focusing on knocking this cold out of the park and then getting back on the snowboard and up the slope to the snowy mountains. It's torture just looking out the window and being able to see the slope just a walk outside the door... I hate colds.

It's nice having a bit of time out though. It was getting hectic back at home. I've got a bit of work to be getting on with when I get back, but I'm putting that to the back of my mind un-til the holiday is over and I'm on the plane home.

I've decided to make some drastic changes when I get home to. To hopefully make some money, *something that I always seem to spend and never have* And also work some crappy waitressing shifts, meet some new people and hopefully get back in to the gym.

For soooo long I've been going on and on and onnnn about working out. I'm that annoying friend you have that goes "oh yes I'm on a diet" while tucking in to a slice of cheese cake and a frothy latte held between her chubby fingers and then wondering why I haven't shifted the pounds. I'm lazy, un-motivated and generally a miserable bastard to be around.

Well hopefully not that bad lol I love being away on holiday because if gives you lots of time to reflect on life and I'm excited for the next few months ESPECIALLY summer!

Talk soon xxxx


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